Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII: In-game Screenshots and Details

Square Enix has released some new screenshots and details on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

These screenshots show a new area called Dead Dunes. It is a desert location set in Nova Chrysalia which is one of the areas you will visit in the game.

There are some new gameplay mechanics like sliding around the sand dunes. You can check out the screenshot for that below. You can also extensively customise Lightning in the game.

There’s also a new ability called Overclock which allows her to slow down time and is only activated through a new point system called GP. The game was also said to have no QTEs, and the ending will be satisfying.

The game comes out later this year for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

lightning returns 1

lightning returns 3

lightning returns 4

lightning returns 5

lightning returns

  • Porky

    Will the ending be satisfying because it wraps up the story, or because it finally marks the end of us having to see Lightning’s emotionless, dumb face?

  • Ksar

    Awesome, Can’t wait !

  • Oliver Teigaga

    Was disappointed with XIII, hated XIII-2, but looks to have promise. The only concern is that the engine is now very dated. As amazing as these screens look the trailer had a terrible frame rate, dead environments and robotic NPCs.

  • pouncebounce

    Wasn’t impressed with the trailer but now this looks a bit more interesting. I really did enjoy this FF.