Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII gets a new character called ‘Lumina’

Square Enix has revealed a new character called Lumina in this week’s Jump.

There’s no release date for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy yet but it is scheduled to be released this year considering Square Enix’s policy of releasing a Final Fantasy game fast.

The new character is someone who will meet Lightning in the game, and is said to be helpful and also a hindrance to her. It’s not confirmed whether she takes advantage of Lightning or not, but it is mentioned that she uses Lightning as a toy.

She is said to resemble Sera–which means, you already know how she will look like, however, she is more goth-loli and features duck-lips–kind of like the Joker from the Batman comics and movies.

This is already so scary… we know Square Enix has the capability to design some freaky characters. We will update this post once we get her picture so stay tuned.

Earlier we revealed that the game featured no QTEs and the growth was tied to side-quests. The game’s ending will also be satisfying for people.

You can also read about the more details that were revealed about the game.


Here’s Lumina.

lumina lightning returns