Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII details: Lumina creator, Noel battle, Instant style change

Square Enix’s character designer, Tetsuya Nomura, has revealed a bunch of new details about Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

The game is said to have an extremely busy ATB and will be used during battle as well. Lumina, a character in the game that is said to be a help and a hindrance to Lightning, is said to be designed not by Nomura but by Toshiyuki Itahana, who had worked on Final Fantasy XIII-2 and some other things before.

Lightning’s armour that you can see below was modeled after a spinal cord–the arms part specifically. There are also some new details on Noel and what he is doing in the game. It has been revealed that he is fighting to free his soul and in the trailer you could see him battling Lightning.

There’s some new information on the style changes too in the Famitsu interview with Nomura, which states that you can execute the command with a press of a button and the change will be instant. Famitsu also states that in the demo that was shown to them Lightning was wearing a Violet Dress, Rapier Sword, and Rose Patterned Shield.

Earlier we revealed that the game’s ending will be satisfying and it won’t feature QTEs.

lightning armour