LEGO Jurassic World Review (PS4)

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LEGO games certainly have that huge fan following and for a very specific reason. They are easy to pick up and play, usually are very charming and offer some interesting gameplay. We’ve seen tons of LEGO games over the past few years and while some of them have been really good, the others were lacking in quality.

Developer TT Games has released a new LEGO game called LEGO Jurassic World. Yes, this release was planned to coincide with the film Jurassic World’s release. Now, the movie wasn’t really good. Of course, that’s strictly my opinion, but the game is quite fun.

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For instance, it allows you to relive moments from the first four movies, namely: Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park 3 and of course Jurassic World. This has been recreated in an ingenious way to fit the LEGO world. You can’t expect accurate representation but the developer has certainly added a lot of humour and the scenes will certainly remind you of the ones in the movies.

The main catching point of this game is that you get to play as LEGO dinosaurs. Now, who can say no to that? Fans of LEGO games should be all over this. However, there’s a catch. It takes time to unlock interesting dinosaurs. You might even finish the story mode in this game before you get a bunch of them.

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The gameplay is pretty straightforward. You get access to a bunch of characters each with their unique abilities. You need to switch between them to accomplish certain objectives in the game. It’s not that hard to figure out. It could be if you spend your time just smashing all the objects scattered in the level to get coins.

You can also create your own dinosaur by collecting LEGO amber. This is certainly a fun thing to do and pretty weird too. The main problem I had with the game were the glitches. Sometimes it can force you to restart the checkpoint. Things can get stuck and there’s nothing you can do other than restarting. Things can get really weird when you’re controlling dinosaurs but it’s mostly fun.

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LEGO Jurassic World is a great looking game. While that’s not saying much, it does look pleasant and it feels great to explore the world and smash random things and gather coins. Considering the game’s on a myriad of platforms and I played it on the PS4, the graphics are as I expected.

When you compare the movies which has a lot of gore, death and things, to this kid-friendly game, you have to give a lot of credit to TT Games for creating a LEGO game that does justice to the movies. The game has heavy spoilers so it would be wise to watch the films before playing the game.

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The game has around 20 levels and you can play them using couch co-op with a friend. I kinda wish there was online co-op because I would have loved to play with a few people on my PSN friends list. Being on the PS4, there was no performance problems and it ran pretty smoothly.

If you are a LEGO fan then you’ll love this game. The match between Jurassic and LEGO seems really awkward, but trust me they have made it work. While the game is not perfect, it is still worth your time and will make you nostalgic.