Kojima defends Ground Zeroes length, stresses on non-linearity

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There have been reports that Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes can be finished in about 2 hours, which has no doubt disappointed a lot of people.

Hideo Kojima took to Twitter to explain a bit more about the game and revealed why people won’t be bored after a single playthrough.

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  • Shubhendu Singh

    For me MGS games were always focused on stories, so i am not sure whether canon side missions leaderboard type thing proves useful or not.
    I just want to see MGSV story..thats all !

    • Ben Frank

      So true

  • razorsfury

    I agree with Shubhendu Singh, Id be in it for the story and have absolutely no interest in competing with how fast or how many points another player achieved. I’m sure as hell not going to pay $60 for a 2 hour game…I’ll wait a year down the road when the game is $20 or $30.

  • John

    It also helps that Ground Zeroes is more like the introduction stage (kinda like the tanker mission in mgs2) and Phantom Pain is the main game. Still they better not make me purchase two separate games, three CDs (one for install) would be perfect.

  • PachterStation

    The big question is, how much is a 2 hour game worth? UK prices are topping £40. Who’re they trying to kid? £40 works out at $67. Being very realistic here, download only for £10 ($16). Can’t say I’ve ever played a good Metal Gear game, I don’t see the fascination. How about giving it away free with PSN and XBL? Gaming took the piss big time with charging for DLC. Now it’s £40 for 2 hour games. If Konami can get away with it, others will follow.