Kingdom Hearts 3: Nomura talks about fan expectations which are “really high”

kingdom hearts 3

Tetsuya Nomura, the director of Kingdom Hearts 3, has revealed that the fan expectations for the game is really high but he is working on providing some cool stuff for gamers.

“First and most important is the determination in my mind. That will launch the project. It’s difficult to explain what kind of determination I am talking about. As you can imagine, expectations by the fans for franchise with sequels go up each time,” he said.

“Fan expectation for ‘Kingdom Hearts 3′ is extremely high,” he said. “To respond to those expectations, I have to provide something really good. Technology is really important, as is the [Disney] world.

The game was announced at the Sony press conference at E3 this year and there’s no release date revealed for it yet. It should be out sometime in 2015 considering they are also working on Versus XIII.

He also revealed that they have heated discussions with Disney about the direction this game should go in but they have a steady relationship.

“What world is available for the title is an important question,” he said. “The story — it has to be great enough to meet the expectation of the fans. When that’s ready, and I feel like I am ready, then the game can start,” he said.

“The counterpart that I’ve been working with at Disney the past 10 years is the same person. We have very heated discussions about this franchise, and we’ve done that for the past 10 years, but we have a steady relationship.”

There were some details on the game revealed earlier and they sound pretty good.

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Via LA Times.