Kingdom Hearts 3: Nomura reveals details on PS4, DualShock 4, More

Some new information on Kingdom Hearts 3 has surfaced thanks to Tetsuya Nomura, director of the game. In a conversations with creators video, he revealed that Kingdom Hearts 3 isn’t deep in development as Final Fantasy XV.

Here’s the complete translation of the above video, courtesy of SQEXGAL.

As said before, KH3 will be the conclusion of the Dark Seeker saga. Since it’s a return to consoles, which have a less limiting field of view, Nomura wants you to feel the depth capabilities in the new trail. KH is a game with developing action, every game takes it a step further, different challenges and bold new systems. Nomura wants to keep all the different systems in mind when developing a system that stays in line with KH1 and KH2.

Sora’s movements have been upgraded, he’s much more fluid. They’re at an early stage of development so ideas of what kind of elements are up in the air. But he wants to balance RPG elements with action too. Since PS4 has the capabilities, he wants to make use of all the field space and take on large numbers of enemies. He’s considering an interactive field space, like rocks crumbling as you scale a mountainside, and enemies being able to climb too. He wants to power up the AI, instead of having them all repeat the same programmed actions like in KH enemies and partner AI alike.

Like in a FF title, you direct Donald and Goofy and they do what you say, but Nomura wants their personalities to reflect in their actions. Since PS4 has such high specs, Nomura wants to utilize as many actions, motions, effects, etc. as possible. Since this is the first numbered title to cross into next gen, you can really feel the evolution of the series. Concerning graphics, he’s aiming for a photo realistic representation combined with a tone of each Disney world.

Can’t say what worlds will be coming to KH3 yet. There are many that haven’t been used yet, and those that repeat will take place in different locations.

When asked if KH3 will make use of Dual Shock 4, Nomura responds that KH3’s development isn’t as far as FF15’s, still deciding things. When asked about corresponding features with tablet and PS Vita, Nomura says of course he’s considering external device correspondance. But he’s still considering ideas at the moment. While the PS4 offers a lot of possibilities, there are a lot of things to worry about too. But he wants to put in as many elements as he can.

When asked what he thought of the PS4, Nomura jokingly said he thought it was overkill. When asked if the FF15 and KH3 teams effect one another, he says that seeing what each other is doing inspires them to work harder.

When asked if something will happen after the conclusion of the Dark Seeker Saga, Nomura said, it’s a Disney title too, so he can only speak for himself, but he does ideas for characters and developments that take place afterward. Maybe sometime there will be a chance to talk about that, but for now the focus is on developing KH3 to completion. He wants to put out KH3 quickly.

Lastly, as a message to fans, he says that the power of expression has surpassed the past titles and that the play depth is greater. Everyone is working their hardest so that fans can get their hands on it quickly, so please look forward to future developments.

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  1. Ryumoau

    October 17, 2013 at 7:19 pm

    Thanks for posting this. It makes me even more excited for the game. I had no idea that they were developing KH and FF15 alongside each other. I thought they were working on FF15 first. Hopefully KH3 will get a release by 2015. :)

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