Kinect Kiosk at Gamestop Showcases PS4 Killzone: Shadow Fall

killzone shadow fall

Now this is hilarious. Someone has spotted a Kinect Kiosk at the San Fransisco downtown Gamestop running Killzone: Shadow Fall. Now you may find that weird because Killzone: Shadow Fall is actually a PS4 game, so why was it shown at a Kinect Kiosk?

Maybe because it looks amazing but still it could be a user error but ultimately it is still false advertising. The game is a launch title for the PS4 and won’t come out on the Xbox platforms… jeez. And it definitely does not have Kinect support. You may be surprised at how many people who visit the store wouldn’t know about it.

Check out the image below.

killzone shadow fall kinect kiosk gamestop


  • The Butcher

    Microsoft is trying to cash in on SONY’S success its killing them. but for any would be customer knows its a SONY branded game.

    • kevin carey

      Only an inbred moron…and/or rabid fanboy…would think this was Microsoft’s doing.

      • anon845

        I guess we know Kevin Carey is an inbred moron.

    • willhe

      gamestop setup the displays dumbfuck

      • Jason Mounce

        I bet you any money it’s because the Gamestop manager there is a butthurt and dimwitted Xbox fanboy who can’t handle the customers not showing ‘His favorite company’ support so he goes out of his way to be deceptive like ‘his’ beloved Microsoft company.

        Any regular Gamestop employee likely is all for Sony and wouldn’t be so manipulative or willing to spread misinformation other than an xbox fanboy who happens to work at EB./Gamestop.

  • jdp12

    They also used this exact same picture on their facebook page.
    Wow M$, stop stealing other people’s work!

    • willhe

      hey fan bitch who set up the display in that store?

      • jdp12

        M$ send them the stuff, Gamestop simply construct it.

        M$ also used this pic on their official FB page

      • stevoman75

        Don’t be a dumbass.

  • TheGrimReaper

    Wow, second time this kinda stuff happend! Microsoft must be really impressed by killzone shadow fall! Remember the add where microsoft showed 4 pictures from games supposed to be xbox exclusives? and then they put killzone shadow fall in there as well! LOL

    • willhe

      or gamestop employees are assholes like ps fanboys

  • Michelle Taylor

    Killzone 4 for Xbone one, CONFIRMED

  • willhe

    for all you ps fan bitches could it be that a gamestop employee did it on purpose because they know how fan bitches would run with the story like you have

  • izzyman78

    what they did was. downloaded the IGN app and played the video for Killzone. Then they paused it and took a picture. I watched the Sony conference on my xbox 360 thru the IGN app. so yes is possible. now gamestop needs to look into this because as a gamestop sales agent in uniform you should not play favoritism. these guys are messing with Gamestop business.

    • Baron Von Rhett

      Defending Xbox One much? Last time I checked, those systems are set up specially for demo and you can’t access alot of that stuff/get new things.

  • Allan Narci

    LOL at the butthurt xboners, when picking sides in a console war, stick with the hardware company with a proven track record for building game consoles and that ain’t copysoft.