Killzone: Shadow Fall’s Multiplayer has a Smooth 60 fps framerate

killzone shadow fall multiplayer

It has been revealed during the ongoing Gamescom 2013 conference that Killzone: Shadow Fall’s multiplayer mode called Warzone runs at 60 fps. There was always a doubt considering most titles announced so far for the PS4 have a 30 fps frame rate, so it’s nice to see Guerrilla Games pushing the bar.

There are also three new classes, it has been revealed. The scout class which is the sniper class; Assault class which has the big guns as you would expect; and the support class which is the medic class with the most skills.

The last two Killzone games pushed the PS3 a lot and as a result the frame rate was inconsistent in the multiplayer, however in Killzone: Shadow Fall a smooth 60 fps should definitely help in keeping the immersion level up for the players.

The single player mode will run at 30 fps, Guerrilla Games have confirmed. 30 fps allows developers to push the visuals on consoles.

The game is a launch title for the PS4 and the Gamescom trailer can be found below.

  • Josh Gordon

    Most titles are 30 fps…? Only driv3club has 30fps…

    • babyrhinos

      And not even that anymore, from what I hear.

  • Panada

    So, more fps is good? movies are made at 24fps and games at 30fps and no one can tell the difference, what’s the point of going beyond 30fps?

    • forfrosne

      The human eye can distinguish between 30 and 60. The difference is clear.

      • Angus

        I can see the difference between 60 and 120 also.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      Well the difference is film 24 FPS looks better than game 24 fps because it’s constant. Games framerate isn’t constant. Even when it’s locked by vsync, it’s not constant.

      The human eye can see the different between 40 and 60 fps, and sometimes can even see the difference between 60 and 120.

      I’m not advocating PC gaming. if you can only own one thing, PS4 is easily the best value, and will have the best exclusives. But if you can afford both like me, PC is pretty awesome too.

      • Josh Gordon

        This is a true pc gamer not the PC fanboys who are trying to get into the mix.

  • Frak

    I just saw the trailer and i couldn’t see any difference between 30 and 60 frames. Why is this even news?

    • Meepo johnson

      Youtube videos are only 30 fps so you won’t see a difference until you run the game on your tv.

  • OwO

    high framerates is the only thing PC can do better than consoles and now thats not true anymore and the PC will die this generation

    • Jeuh

      As a PC gamer and hardware enthusiast, I think it will only take 2-3 years for the general console gamer to see just how fast their “next-gen” consoles will be aging when compared to newly released PC hardware. 1440p/120hz/4kgaming, no sir, PC gaming will not be dying this generation.

    • Tecno

      Actually the pc can handle and produce better graphics than any console. Plus PCs can run much higher than 60FPS. The console will never be able to meet or stay one the same level as PCs. PCs will have 4k gaming with in the next year most likely, where the console will not have 4k gaming for at least 10 years. Dream as much as you want sir, but computer will always be ahead, because lets be honest the console is truly just an over priced, low end pc with proprietary software and components.

      • Solid Snake

        pc’s are limited by consoles. name one game that looks as good as killzone; SF on pc? most pc games are ports of console games.

        • Tecno

          Considering most game are developed on pc, that means they start off on the pc. Then developers have to “optimize” then for consoles. Which is them trying to lower the games requirements, so that the console can handle it. Then at that point consoles will be able to touch the game. Where on pc they can give the end user options to what settings they want based on what their personalized pc can do. You can get a pc for the price of the next gen console, that has the same performance. Then as the the generation of consoles after this one comes out, you can use the money that would goto a hole new system (i.e. the xbox or ps3) and put it towards a new GPU, which at around a $350 price point, would drastically out perform any console. Basically Pc will always be almost 10 years ahead because its easier to develop on it and for it.

          • Solid Snake

            Yeah sure PC’s are more powerful etc.. But what I’m saying is PC’s will always be held back by consoles. Look at Killzone shadow falls, Infamous second Sons & ryse for instants, All 3 of those games have better graphics than anything that’s ever been released on PC and consoles.
            Why is that the case when PC’s have supposedly been more powerful than Xbone and PS4 for years?

          • Josh Gordon

            Ignore the PC fanboys. They are fully limited by consoles. I have yet to see a PC exclusive game that blows everything out the water. Had this argument with my friend he seems to think PC’s can do 3k right now and i said well where is that 3K game that isnt limited by consoles which makes everything else look stupid… he couldnt answer.

          • Brendan Gillott

            Peasants truly are stupid

          • Tecno

            Pc does not require or need excursive, because they take any game this is given to them and creates better graphics, better FPS, and Flexibility. Plus any of your exclusives for consoles can just be emulated on pc so it does not matter. Within weeks from the new gen consoles coming out any one a pc equivalent of the xbox/PS4 can do it.

          • Brendan Gillott

            Also PC does get exclusives. How are you enjoying Crysis?

        • jokeAtroll

          Battlefield 4 on max setting can do destruction, weather effects and play 64 players and looks similar to KZ-SF. Plus resolution can be maxed to 4K depending on what rig you are trying to build. Also, SP in BF4 will run at 60 FPS on PC unlike KZ-SF restricted to 30FPS. If you have money to burn then you can build a monster PC. I need not mention Metro and Crysis.

          Having said that both platforms have a place in the market. Many people own both and many buy one of these based on their preference. So, PC vs Console is so tired and boring. We don’t have to constantly justify or vouch for our choices.

          It’s to early for new console cycle, consoles are not out yet, games are not out yet. So, to compare both and get sucked into such debate is silly.

          One thing we can’t argue is that, its a great time to be a gamer.

          We are getting better choices in platforms and better choices for games.

          We get a PS4 for the price of PS3!
          And we also get a GTX 760 for just $250!

          Also, most problem with Kinect 1.0 are going to get sorted out in Kinect 2.0 great for family audience!
          Dual shock is going to be awesome!
          By next year all sport games on PC will be ports of next gen console instead of last gen console…

          Bottom line its great time for console and PC fanboys to get together and party!!!!

        • jj

          skyrim modded , gta 4 modded , crysis 3 ultra settings , metro LL ultra settings , play any of those games at 1600p and ull see they are either equal or better than .

        • RoyalFlush

          Planet Calypso with the highest settings looks good. A PC only game. Actually most PC games look better than the console version. To bad most racing games are an exact port though and look the same as console :(

    • Neosdark

      I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.

      PC doesn’t only “do” high frame rates better (by the way, we actually get 120 fps with our graphics cards, I know I get ~120 FPS when playing Battlefield 3 at Ultra with my AMD 7990) we do pretty much everything better

      They have mods, which consoles will NEVER EVER GET because the game companies don’t want you adding your own content into the game and not giving them money for crappy map packs or shitty skins that everyone could live without. On PC we get around such limitations (ever seen the Project Nevada mod for Fallout:NV? Complete revamp of the game.)

      We actually get cheaper games. As an example, for the PS3 or PS4 the new FFXIV is $40 or $60, respectively, even more money for the Deluxe version. The PC version costs $30 and most PC retailers offer discounts/coupons for new games anyway (I got it for $21).

      Of course you will bring up cost of building a PC, and yes it is a sizable investment. However, this investment actually saves you money in the long run. As a console gamer, you will have to pay PSN or XBL money to play online multiplayer. PC doesn’t have that issue.

      SO say you get an good gaming computer for ~$1350 ( this is my example build). ISP aside, you can start buying games for ~$40 a pop (You’d probably get a few cult classics, which these days run around $15: Portal 1/2, Half-Life 2, the like) You can certainly join the free games market: WoT, Dota2, LoL are good examples. Sure new games will cost $60, just as they normally do, but most online retailers (I don’t just mean Steam, there are many, many other online retailers with huge sales) will offer pre-order discounts. So you don’t pay to play online (unless you really want to play WoW or certain PtP games), get cheaper games from numerous sources, absolutely massive sales, Humble Bundles every week, a massive community of people who don’t behave like morons, and most importantly a machine that stands the test of time. So when the next new consoles come out, my PC will have payed itself off and then it will keep going for another 2 years, at minimum.

      I obtained my first gaming PC for $1000 in 2008 and its still going strong (I play BF3 or RO2 on it at high with ~60 FPS). My step-dad’s Xbox 360 barely stutters along on BF3 (barely gets ~30 FPS) and he only bought it a year ago. I just bought my new machine and I can assure you it runs circles around the PS4 and XBONE and will probably run circles around the PS5 and XBLAA 5 years down the line.

      Sure you can’t take the game next door to your friends house and play it, nor can you resell your games (you actually can with Green Man Gaming and some other retailers), but that’s not the glory of PC gaming. If you want to split-screen, you’ll probably prefer consoles. But if you want a better gaming experience, you go with PC.

      • Bram

        And yet I cannot play Naughty Dog and Quantic Dream games on a PC. Two of the many reasons I will never buy a PC.

        • PurpedUpPat

          buy a pc when you get the money after you get the console. nothing says you have to only have one or the other i mean you can even part your pc out over time and just wait for deals so you can build a super cheap but super powerful pc that will last a long time and enjoy both exclusives

    • bacon

      Already playing at 120fps @ 1440p… I imagine you’ll get that with the ps5.

    • Katanegama

      ^^^ OwO has registered himself as a smartass. Let us congratulate him.

  • Fakename Dudeman

    Bullshit, dumb fuck. Clearly, you’re NOTHING but an ignorant piece of shit incapable of doing anything but spouting utterly fucking inane bullshit. Contrary to what a worthless shit stain like you would naturally be wont to spout, KZ3 did indeed push the PS3 a lot, but the framerate was NOT “inconsistent” by ANY stretch of the imagination had by those of us who aren’t idiotic fucktards like yourself. It may have been a bit dodgy in warzone sometimes in full 24 player matches, but Guerrila Warfare was ALWAYS a very smooth 30fps, and warzone almost always maintained that as well.

    Shut the fuck up and educate yourself before you spout such inane bullshit again. Failing that just go fuck your slutty-ass bitch mother, contract her stds and die dipshit; do us all a favor. :D

    I’ll take my perma leave of this shit page and site and not read any of my My Disqus messages. This is our last contact. My facts win, your ignorant bullshit loses. Deal.

    • Better

      Oh you are an angry little bitch, aren’t you?

      Calm down, make a nice sandwich, then see a psychiatrist about those incestuous suggestions that may well be a reflection of your own life.

  • nativemuffin

    the one thing i hate the most is an ignorant pc gamer that can’t just sit back n enjoy games. last i checked i enjoy both pc and consoles, but each has their own flaws. also, i can give a shit less about graphics. i want gameplay to be rewarding and actually to be replayable. now, my friend says his laptop can run at 4k, and when he showed me; i knew he was so full of shit. i’ve seen 4k in person, and it was mind blowing. gaming will be able to do it within 5 yrs, i hope. also, u r not going to notice 60 fps or even past that. the eye cannot keep up with it, so it’s no big deal to me. to me if u r a console gamer, get a ps4 to enjoy the true gaming. microsoft blew it this yr, but the xbox one will get better over time just like playstation. though, this time i wanna experiene everything n not be limited. now, i do know that eve valkaryie looks AMAZING on the oculus rift, but it is unknown if it is only a pc game.

  • RoyalFlush

    The people who say higher FPS don’t matter in games are thinking by what they read in a book or taught in a class without any real life experience. Like the saying Book sense and street dense. Trust me in most MMO or online first person shooter in MULTIPLAYER, the higher the FPS the SMOOTHER the game. Play any modern online game with multiple players on the screen with a $600 Wal-Mart PC with it’s 20 to 40 fps then build one with an AMD FX 9590 or i7 3930k and a nice GPU and get 60+ fps even 150 fps or more with some games and you will in fact FEEL the difference.