Killzone: Shadow Fall MP Details: Player Mechanics, Combat Honors, More

killzone shadow fall multiplayer

Killzone: Shadow Fall will run at 60 fps in multiplayer and 30 fps in single player. We have some new details which gives you an idea of what to expect from the mode.

The game is a launch title for the PS4 and will be released on November 15 in the US and November 29 in the EU. Guerrilla Games have expanded the brutal melee system we saw in Killzone 3 and there are more ways to pummel your enemies using drop down melee and more.

There will be something called combat honors where you will earn temporary perks while playing online and they give you bonuses like less recoil, increase in movement speed and more.

Players will be able to choose from three classes and twelve unique abilities in multiplayer, and these classes can be enhanced with two special abilities as well.

There are three distinct classes and 12 unique special abilities in multiplayer. Each of the classes can be enhanced with up to two special abilities, allowing for some highly specialized playing styles.

Weapon customisation is a big thing in the game. There are 19 weapon attachments in multiplayer and these can be unlocked by completing specific challenges. All the weapons are unlocked from the beginning and the studio had revealed this detail earlier. There will be 22 weapons to choose from.

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