Killzone Mercenary gameplay trailer and new details

Sony has revealed a new trailer for Killzone Mercenary and it looks pretty good.

You aren’t in the Helghast or ISA camp, you are a mercenary as the title suggests. You can buy guns, you can buy the best, use stealth, use force, fight clean, fight dirty, and more.

The new tagline is War is our Business. This is actually a great way to start a new Killzone game as understandably people are bored of Helghasts and ISAs, I know I am.

Hopefully new PS4 game should also revolve under something like this. It would be a fun way to boost the series. According to new reports, the game runs smooth and is also running at the native Vita resolution.

Guerrilla Games can do a lot of things with the hardware they are given so this isn’t a surprise. Killzone Mercenary¬†Vita engine is 1:1 with the PS3 version.

Check out the trailer below.

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