Killer Instinct and Xbox One Booed at Evo 2013 (Video)

Oh boy, it looks like the crowd at Evolution 2013 event decided they want to have nothing of Microsoft, Xbox one and Killer Instinct.

killer instinct featured

It’s a bit cringe-worthy to watch but the crowd reaction to Xbox One was overwhelmingly negative. It looks like they only wanted to watch Marvel stuff and didn’t care about anything else. Killer Instinct is a pretty good game and has a ton of graphical effects, as you can probably get from our video blowout on the game.

Some people might find this hilarious but you really do have to feel bad for the developers who didn’t deserve this reception. It’s a hard to please crowd since they are highly competitive and after the recent bad press on Xbox One, due to less than satisfactory DRM policies of Microsoft, their brand seems to have taken a beating.

Killer Instinct is made by Double Helix and they were on stage unfortunately and it must have been really embarrassing.

Watch the video below (courtesy of YouTube user Cyguration).