Kevin Spacey uses PS Vita on Netflix Show ‘House of Cards’

Sony product placements can sometimes be pretty high profile, and this is one of them.

We’ve seen them in plenty of Bond films over the years, and now, Sony has done a product placement in the Netflix show ‘House of Cards’, where Kevin Spacey–a well known American actor–picks up the PS Vita.

Hopefully, this will at least make more people buy the system, as it really needs a massive boost in sales to encourage more developers to release games on it. Product placements are pretty lame most of the times, but this one is pretty hilarious.

The console looks pretty shiny there, doesn’t it? Here’s how the dialogue goes. Here’s a GIF for context as well.

“Have a seat.”

Kevin Spacey: “Is that a PS Vita? Which games does it have?”

“All of them.”

Kevin Spacey: “I have a console at home I play sometimes to relax. I oughta get one of these for the car.”

It’s a bit awkward, but the Vita needs every bit of promotion it can get.

The show is exclusive to Netflix and reportedly costs $100 million and stars Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and Kate Mara.

Spacey is also shown playing Killzone 3 in the very first episode.

kevin spacey killzone 3

Fire up your PS3 and Netflix and check it out for yourself.


  • Heavenly_King

    nice :D

  • Ana Helušić

    nice, nice

  • Robert

    “All of them.”
    LOL, NO! Liar!

    • lol!

      all of them faggot

    • Eric

      He has all the things.

  • Phatty

    Never thought I’d ever see Kevin Spacey playing Killzone.
    Funny how we know it’s product placement too…yet we still get the urge to buy what they’re placing. Clever advertisement.

  • esafae

    what episode is this from?

    • Eccentricone

      Not sure, second or third.

      • Brad Torville

        It’s from the first episode.

        • Akhbar

          It’s from the 4th, faggot.

  • Aaron Jean

    When you watch the scene it feels surprisingly natural. Especially since you see him playing games earlier on the show.