Ken Kutaragi takes the Ice Bucket Challenge, nominates Kaz Hirai

ken kutaragi sony

Ken Kutaragi also known as father of PlayStation recently took the Ice Bucket Challenge. It went well. In fact, we ended up getting impressed by how polite Japanese people are. It’s very cute.

Kutaragi was challenged by Kazunori Yamauchi who was also present at his house to drop the ice bucket on him. There were no silly antics or long introductory talk, it was just specific and to the point.

Kutaragi designed the PS1, PS2 and PS3 and the latter gave the company lot of troubles due to being overengineered and overpriced. Although, Sony recovered from the early debacle. Kutaragi left Sony and has founded his own company.

The plushie he holds is a Sony mascot named Toro Inoue.

Check out the video below.