Kaz Hirai explains why the PS4 ‘console’ wasn’t shown

PS Meeting 2013 was a huge success for Sony with over 3 million people tuning in live to watch the PS4 unveil.

But one thing that surprised everyone was why Sony didn’t show the actual console at the event. Kaz Hirai, CEO of Sony, explained why they didn’t do that in a video interview with BBC.

“I think that, you know, we still have a long ways to go before the actual product launch and there are going to be a lot of opportunities for us to talk about and provide additional details on the PlayStation 4,” he said.

“It wasn’t actually a launch, we just talked about the console and there will be more information to come, but it keeps people guessing and that’s a good thing.”

He also said that his main priority was turning around the company’s fortunes.

“The number one thing I need to continue to push on is to really share and convey the sense of urgency to turn the company around especially the electronics business.”

Sony did reveal the specs of the system and you can watch the complete press conference in case you missed it.

  • http://twitter.com/UltraHIREV Matt

    I can’t wait for E3 this year.

  • mike

    I can’t wait for the day I will go home, turn my ps4 on, press start, new game, and start watching those gazillion pretty pixels moving around.and, surprise, there is no aliasing, no frame tearing,nothing, only 8gb of perfect textures.
    That’s gonna BE a special day, for sure. One of the best, in my life.
    I can’t wait. I need to find a way to hibernate.
    Please wake me up in 8 months.
    ZzzzzZzzZzzzzZzZzZzzzzzz(already sleeping)

    • http://twitter.com/minimur12 Aidan Murphy

      sorry theres no start button
      and pixels dont move, they change colour though

      • Bob

        I had 3 pixels move on my TV. One day they were there and the next they were gone. No note. Nothing.
        I hope they are well if they are reading this.

  • mike

    They do move…faster than your brain cells :)
    Wait… no cells in the brain?
    I meant power button…
    Wait…no power button?

    I see now why they didn’t show it ;)

  • Schmony

    He won’t be able to turn Sony around, not in a million years. Since he’s been at the top, the company has been just as worse as before and the PS4 conference was an absolute joke.

    Keeps people guessing? GTFO Kaz! You’re a failure!