Kamiya Concerned by Lack of Wonderful 101 marketing, Game Costlier Than Bayonetta

Hideki Kamiya has revealed that he’s concerned about the lack of hype for Platinum Games’ newest title Wonderful 101. The game comes out next month and is a Wii U exclusive.

He tweeted in Japanese that stores aren’t promoting the game because of a lack of understanding about the type of game it is. He also revealed that they spent 1.5 times more than what they did on Bayonetta.

Platinum Games community manager also added that if people want innovative games they should support it, but there is hardly anyone talking about it.

community manager platinum games

In a way, you kind of feel bad for Platinum Games. They have always made games that were unique and something that weren’t commercially successful, but they deserve so much more for taking a lot of risks. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance sold well, but that was only because it was backed by the Metal Gear brand.

There’s a clear lack of hype for Wonderful 101 and in a lot of ways it signifies that the market has no clue about the game. It’s also releasing on the Wii U; a system which has a minuscule install base.

The game comes out on August 23rd. So Whose fault is it? Nintendo or the market’s? Let us know below.

Thanks, GAF.