Just Cause 3 picture teased by Avalanche CEO

Christofer Sundberg, the boss of Avalanche Studios, has teased a new image.

It’s clear what the game is about, it looks like Just Cause 3. The image is grainy and brown and they could have done that on purpose considering Just Cause 2 was a colourful game.

Such a tease is refreshing because the next-gen hype is in the air. The studio already has been working with next-gen dev kits and Sundberg also confirmed on Twitter that they won’t be ignoring the PS3 install base.

So it looks like a cross gen title which is fine but it’s not clear whether it will be released this year or not. The game is not even announced yet so can’t really say much about it.

It could be announced at E3 this year after Microsoft’s platform has been revealed.


cristofer sundberg just cause 3


Here’s the actual image of the tease:

just cause 3