Journey becomes profitable, thatgamecompany starts receiving royalties

journey ps3

Journey has become profitable according to thatgamecompany, the studio that created the game. The game was in development for over three years and studio boss Jenova Chen had earlier said that they were almost facing bankruptcy but Sony had faith in them and kept funding them.

The game has finally broke even and the critical success might have helped as well. Journey is widely regarded as one of the best games on PSN and a must play if you own a PS3.

“We’re alive and kicking and we’ve started to receive royalties as #JourneyPS3 has become profitable (including mktg),” the company’s official Twitter account revealed.

The game was released last year and a three game pack containing FlOw, Flower and Journey is available in the European market. thatgamecompany have not announced what it’s working on next but certain staff like Kelly Santiago has left the studio. The game had won Eight awards at DICE Awards 2013.

Update: thatgamecompany has clarified the tweet.

Journey didn’t ‘just’ become profitable. Royalties are only paid out once every three months. As of March 13th, we were set to start receiving royalties on the next payment.

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