Joakim Mogren indeed CG? Concept of FOX Engine is “photo realism” – Kojima

We are getting enough clues on what Kojima is planning as we reach closer to GDC where he will talk about the Fox Engine.

Recently many people thought that the Joakim Mogren interview with Geoff Keighley was doctored and the supposed CEO of Moby Dick Studios whose face was covered in bandages was CG.

It was hard to say because it looked highly realistic but people still had doubts over the model’s authenticity. On closer examination of Mogren’s face, it was revealed that something wasn’t right as his teeth was clipping somewhat.

Now we may have more confirmation that he was indeed a CG model.

Kojima has said that he was going to talk about technical contents focusing on drawing part of FOX Engine, and also release some gameplay for a sneak preview.

He also added that: “Concept of “FOX Engine” is photorealism, I think the era of sticking to graphic or sound is over. How you freely play, connect to Internet, pleasantly play is the important point but at the same time min level of realism is needed still. We at KJP aim making look like in real even when looking at reduced game screen for the simple model.”

phantom pain bandage guy

What could be more photo realistic than an awkward looking interview with a joke character covered in bandages, and people speculating whether he is real or CG?

In a way you can say that with that statement he has kind of confirmed that the model was indeed CG, but GDC is still a week away and all answers will be known by then.

  • katie_badgurl1997

    i work for kojima studios. trust me that bandage geezer is definately NOT CG. It is a real life actor called mickey celcius. don’t believe me ? Look up his name on IMDB and he will be credited for doing other work for Kojima productions.

    • Undrey

      ‘badgurl1997’, I work for Kojima Studios.

      Yeah sure.

      • anonymous

        Mickey celcius doesn’t exist

        • Undrey

          I know.

    • Kaizin514

      If you work for Kojima Productions, then I am Geoff Keighley and I back up your statement for this guy and he is real. >_<

    • THE CIA

      I work for the CIA and trust me that guy is NOT CG. Its really a robot trained to take out terrorists.

    • Ritsujun

      I work for Katie, she’s telling the truth.

  • nexus time

    guys see this video and will can imagine what the next engine can do in the nextgen

  • willworkforfood

    I work for food. Do you have some?