Jay Wilson leaves Diablo 3 and transitions elsewhere within Blizzard

Jay Wilson, game director of Diablo 3, has in a post on Blizzard forums has revealed that he is leaving from the Diablo 3 project and moving somewhere within Blizzard presumably on Project Titan.

“I recently celebrated my seven-year anniversary working on Diablo III, and while it’s been one of the most challenging and rewarding periods of my life, I’ve reached a point creatively where I’m looking forward to working on something new,” he said.

“The powers that be at Blizzard have been gracious enough to give me that opportunity. Over the course of the next several weeks, I will be moving off of the Diablo III project and transitioning elsewhere within Blizzard. This decision was not an easy one for me, and not one I made quickly, but ultimately it’s what I feel is right.”

He assured fans that this will not negatively affect Diablo 3. There are a lot of plans for the game in the future and this does not means those plans won’t be put into effect. It has not been mentioned who is his replacement but it should be someone from the current team.

“I’m proud of Diablo III, and despite our differences at times I will miss the community that has formed around it,” he said.

“I feel I have made many mistakes in managing that relationship, but my intent was always to provide a great gaming experience, and be as open and receptive as possible, while still sticking true to the vision the Diablo team has for the game.”

You can read rest of the post here. Jay Wilson is also famous for a lot of negative controversies, and the most recent one was lashing out against the Diablo 2 director.

Via Battle.net

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