Japan is going crazy for Smash Bros 3DS, Check Out The Massive Lines

smash bros 3ds kyoto yodobashi

As expected people have lined up to buy Smash Bros 3DS in droves. You don’t normally see Japanese people do this especially since the home console market has flattened in the country, but 3DS is still keeping that spirit alive.

Nintendo’s IPs always tend to sell huge worldwide and here are some of the lines we got to witness in Japan. There are also some videos that show lines at popular shopping stores in the country. Many of them are offering discounts and freebies to entice buyers.

Many avid video game aficionados from Japan captured these lines and posted them in the social media.

Check out the images and videos below.

smash bros 3ds 5 smash bros 3ds bik shinjuku  smash bros 3ds lines 1 smash bros 3ds lines 2


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  • Henry Blackman