Is This First Footage of Xaomi’s Folding Phone?

We have had rumours for a long time that Xaomi’s working on a folding phone and it will bring it first to the market. However, we finally have a footage of the folding phone although we are not sure if it’s made by Xaomi. The text is in Chinese but that means nothing at this point since most phones are manufactured in China.

This could also be a fake since it’s captured off-screen in the dark but it looks real. You can check out the footage in the tweet below.

The folding phone looks like a major innovation that could change the phone landscape all over again because of its unique ability to give the user more screenspace or less screenspace as per demands.

Xaomi has become the number 1 phone manufacturer in the world have a huge market share in China and India. The manufacturer is quite popular in the US as well.

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