Is Nintendo Switch Really an Innovative and Exciting Product?


Nintendo’s next gaming system called Switch was revealed a few days ago. While everyone saw this coming because of the leaked patents, we finally know what it looks like now and the initial reception has been a bit lukewarm.

Nintendo fans must definitely be hyped for it as the thought of playing Mario on a portable handheld is really exciting, but can Nintendo really capture the market they had with the original Wii?

With the Nintendo Switch gamers can play games anywhere, at their home or when travelling. This is something Nintendo wanted to do with the Wii U but the console turned out to be too bulky with a huge gamepad. Will they finally achieve their goals with the Switch?

I kinda doubt it because it looks like an evolution of the Wii U and not an entirely different console. It also has many similarities with the Vita which didn’t exactly set the market on fire and neither did the Wii U. So what are Nintendo’s goals with this device?

It can certainly run smartphone games due to the hardware inside. Considering Pokemon GO’s popularity a new Pokemon game built for the Switch can be immensely popular and I think Nintendo are banking on something like that happening again. The dilemma here is that people already have smartphones so why would they carry a big screen like Switch with them as well. It’s aimed as a portable device but it doesn’t actually look portable. You need to carry it in a bag and cannot put it in your pocket.

The trailer shows people enjoying the Switch at various locations and that seems nice but trailers are usually exaggerated and people actually don’t do that in real life. Considering the specs of the device it’s clear that it’s probably not going to get many games that the PS4 and Xbox One is going to get. Maybe a watered down version but you know how it is with Nintendo and third parties.

The goal of Nintendo must be to price this product within $250 and ensure the market adopts it really quick. That is their best bet at success.

We saw games like Skyrim on the Switch and while Bethesda hasn’t confirmed that their games will be on the console, it is quite interesting to see a game like that run off little cartridges. We’ve seen tablets with controllers attached to them so the reveal of the console wasn’t exactly mindblowing.

Nintendo has always tried to innovate with their consoles and Switch looks like the first console where they have played it safe and just built up on the Wii U’s advantages.

People buy Nintendo consoles to play their first party games, this much is a given. Considering the type of console Switch is, it looks like we may have to once again rely on Nintendo to provide the goods and not third parties which I presume with stop supporting it within 2 years.

Nintendo have been awfully secretive of this console and there’s no reason why they should be because the Switch isn’t something ground breaking. They could have revealed it at E3 and create more hype behind the console instead of putting out a trailer and let people fill in the blanks.

If the Switch is intended to be a handheld as well as a home console then we may see Nintendo go all out with software support and that may turn out to be a successful strategy because of a common market.

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