Is GTA 5 the most expensive single player game ever? $137 million estimated

GTA 5 has been in development for over four years now.

We also have an estimate of how much its predecessor GTA 4 cost, and according to official estimates by Rockstar, it is almost a $100 million game.

Now, some MMOs like Star Wars: The Old Republic and the likes dwarf this figure, but you have to keep in mind that they are designed in mind with revenue generation and depend on a connected atmosphere.

Grand Theft Auto 5 could very well cost $137 million, according to an analyst Arvind Bhatia from  Sterne Agee.

He came at this conclusion based on 250 people working on the game for four years and also revealed that Rockstar could make back the money since it will most likely sell 18 million units and outsell Call of Duty this year.

The game was earlier delayed to September 17, 2013, from an original release window of Spring 2013. Bhatia estimates that the game will bring Take-Two $193.6 million in operating profit in the fiscal year it will be released in.

“[T]his is a long-awaited title that consumers are unlikely to pass up and we remain bullish on our outlook for this title and for the company,” he predicted.

The game certainly looks ambitious and considering the massive critical acclaim its predecessor got, this game looks to do the same.

  • zdotadtrfan

    And it’s gonna make that money back easily.

  • Paulo Panganiban

    My question is, where the fuck is the special edition pre-orders?

    • tomwolfpack75

      in iraq apparently…

      • tomwolfpack75

        a least the actually cheap ones..

  • rogerroger

    Was I the only one that thought that San Andreas was better then GTA 4?

    • Bobakanushe

      It’s a thousand times better than that piece of garbage known as GTA 4. San Andreas actually had things to do outside of the main story missions (fun things). Going bowling and playing darts isn’t really compelling gameplay. I’m hoping with 5 that they learned their mistakes and not pack all of the extra stuff in with DLC.

      • bob

        are you kidding me!? both games were very enjoyable, but gta iv blew me away graphically and with the much needed physics update, it gave the game a much more realistic feel. i love every gta game, the only one i don’t really care for is 2, but i think everyone knows what’s up

        • Adam Plymale

          Grand Theft Auto 4 runs like complete utter crap, hopefully GTA 5 will be a proper port.

          • Mahmoud Zein

            gta 4 was amazing game

          • Brock 5amson

            You think GTA 5 will be great? Yea it might be, but go Google “Watch Dogs” than tell me which one will be the king, cause It won’t be GTA thats for sure.

          • Nick Hunt

            Ya can’t argue with brock samson…seriously, even if he was wrong, which he’s not he’d kill ya for trying ;P. Speaking of which When the eff will there be new venture brothers anyone know?

          • Liac0s

            The king will be Assassin’s Creed IV. Not a game like GTA 5 or Watch Dogs. Seriously, today’s gamers have no taste anymore … Sadly … :(

          • I keep forgetting my login.

            Rofl, you think a game with a predecessor that just dropped last October which still has bugs in and outside of the multiplayer has a chance to be king over two of the more anticipated titles? You’re in for a world of disappointment my friend. If 3’s story was rushed and lackluster and that was supposedly in the making for years, what makes you think 4 will be any better?

          • Pepe ChicanosBest Mathers

            Watch Dogs brings some thing new to the table while assassin’s creed and gta is just playing it safe

          • tomwolfpack75

            NO.. ive played assins 1, 2, 3 and all inbetween.. brotherhood blahghhh still have freezing and bugs in one, two is unplayable… (well i did finish it) and two is also tooo easy.. agh ill stick with assassins creed one for the difficulty, and fun.. gta5 might rule.. might not.. ill buy it and try it first.. it cant be worse than assassins creed 2 or anything..

          • ΜΑΛΑΚΕΣ

            Really? I played ALL the games and I have NEVER came up with a bug! It’s your PC’s problem! Not the game’s! Sure it has a few bugs, but even CS1.6 has… Stop whining, it’s your pc’s fault! GTA is shit anyways. And Pepe, Watch Dogs is not nice, first, the title says “Dogs”, it’s humiliating for dogs, and secondly, AC brings way more! It actually plays it really unsafe. GTA is just a reversion of the old games with better graphics.

          • TheCoreyScape

            lol u mad because asc is shit? lmao

          • TheCoreyScape

            LOL, dude, assassin’s creed games are “OKAY” but compared to those other 2..its complete shit..i’m pretty sure people like playing open world games thats up 2 date and not some med-evil type shit game ( skyrim was okay though).

          • GeorgeofTGN

            Don’t get me wrong Assassin’s Creed is one of my favorite series but no I can assure you with almost certainty that IV won’t be king.

            It will come down to one of 3 definite titles maybe with some ones we aren’t expecting thrown in as well.

            Those 3 titles are The Last Of Us, Grand Theft Auto V, and Watch Dogs.

            I am not speculating anything here either, you can call me arrogant if you wish but it WILL BE one of those 3 games. I haven’t the slightest doubt in my mind.

            Also Far Cry 3 may sneak into the list since it wasn’t eligible last year. A game has to release by November 31st or earlier to be eligible for game of the year. Thus Far Cry 3 wasn’t eligible last year, and is this year. It may be nominated, but with those 3 titles incoming it doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning.

          • Jameson

            ummm…hello? You have forgotten a little game called “Bioshock Infinite.”

          • OtakuGamer14

            No, actually that game sucks.

          • GeoKip

            Uuuhm so the gamers don’t have taste anymore? Please explain that anymore part to me? Because as far as I know of GTA is way older (and probably selled way better, but I could be wrong since I’m too lazy to look up for the numbers)… Ohw and they won’t release GTA game every year, but take the time to create it and launches it with as less bugs as possible.

          • Derp

            Nah, assassins creed is not THAT great a game.

            Personally it used to be my favourite game series, until I played dishonered.

            After dishonered, I can’t play assassins creed without getting bored and quitting.

          • krayzie

            Assassin’s Creed IV wow u must be a noob

          • Hakeem Earl Villaver

            Watch Dogs is Unrealistic.. and GTA they just want Realistic..

          • Adam Plymale

            Realism ruins games, if GTA was realistic then the police forces in the game would be MUCH more competent, and driving would be a pain in the ass, and you’d probably die in one hit, and probably have to reload a save because you got shot in the head, weapons wouldn’t be found laying on the ground (and they wouldn’t emit a red light), and there wouldn’t be disease ridden birds that emit red light either.
            Sometimes you want a change though, I understand. Maybe someone will make a Tactical mod. But also some people just want to have a good time.

            GTA 4 was pretty good, but it runs terribly, so I can’t really play it and enjoy it. I have to get eye strain.

            Also why the fuck are people who play Dark Souls rude over-reactive assholes? The only tip you get from those fucks is “Stop sucking” or “just don’t die”.
            And even “If you don’t like it, don’t play it.”

            I know you can’t please everyone, but you sure can please alot of people. This is why you make separate modes, if you wanna play like the old days, select ‘classic mode’, if you’re new you go lower.
            Terraria did that, and that was a great idea, it did it for me.
            Some people hate permadeath, some people are fine with it, and some people are assholes about it.
            Allow people to disable it, it’s just a save deletion function, it should be totally optional.

          • TheCoreyScape

            runs bad? please explaine how it runs bad ran perfectly for me.

          • GeoKip

            Wait what???? GTA realistic? Dude come on -_- the graphics and the looks maybe, but this is about 3 robbers and you rob atleast 50 banks and stores and shit…. that’s not even close to realism anymore -_- ohw and you never die, and when you bumb against a police car accidently they will shoot you in your face without any mercy at all, so where is the realism in that?

          • Nasarex

            well that’s not for sure, GTA is probably the game with most lovers, fans and players… GTA 5 will be a better success!

          • TheCoreyScape

            rofl… gta is the top #1 idgaf what any of u nerds say because gta always have so much shit to do.. and now they got gta coming gta 5 will have basicly everything in it.

          • Faisal

            Gta has a bigger world, planes to fly, thousands of things to do, buy properties, invest, do drugs lol, have pets, dive, gang wars, best online ever with hundreds of missions and lots of game modes, do heists, even if you finish the game you will still invest alot of time because its fun. Unlike watch dogs.

            Watch dogs, graphically yes is better ( but gameplay matters), run around and hack things or people? , and drive cars, map is ok not that big probably bigger than GTA IV . And online is shit! you saw gameplay of it in E3 ! I was disapointed!

            Now who is the KING? you tell me? its an obvious winner and im sure the majority agree! “GTA V”

          • Ostnizdasht206 .

            Watchdogs is grotesquely overrated. People expect it to be this super amazing open world game when in reality, it’s probably going to be quite linear and the map will only cover a few blocks. The main focus of that game is the hacking aspect (which sounds pretty cool) but don’t expect the game to be anything near GTA5.. because it wont.

        • thisBlueDude

          Do you mean 2 or Vice City? because Vice City was probably my favorite.

      • Rome

        give gta 4 some props man , graphics were sick

    • Ethan Navarro

      I completely agree with you…

    • Sangereanu Dean


    • Nathan Madden

      no gta sa was best gta game

    • tomwolfpack75

      guessin that means “NO!” san an had fun factor……..

    • Stoshy


    • eviltaco

      GTA 4 was like an overly clingy friend simulator. Eef.

  • Blaze

    GTA4 was embarrassing. Jumping to 4 after San Andreas, and finding no flyable aircraft, no special vehicles, no special weapons, and barely any character customization, GTA4 was probably the biggest troll in the gta universe.

    • pop

      That’s what happens when you jump not only to a new engine, but to a whole new console generetaion. GTA 4 was an awesome start off for the RAGE engine.

    • Ryuhza Murphy Timmuns

      Euphoria drunkeness was nice though.

  • Nico Anton

    I sure hope it’s got good graphics then… Or at least mod support so I can put on ENB and texture mods.

    • tomwolfpack75

      you can mod gtaiv and most games.. look online just not as good as on a pc

      • Heavich

        He wasn’t talking about GTA IV, stupid.

  • Jason Koskey

    I hope they took notes from Saints Row on how to take some of the annoyances out and keep the gameplay FUN.

    • pop


  • ghost

    i live in iraq and i can buy this game for 1 dollar and it works

  • Chris

    I know right, GTA IV sucked so much. Seriously, everyone knows that gamers don’t want emotional storytelling, well-written characters, and realistically designed cities to play around in. We want the ability to put a purple afro on our character and drive an ice cream truck around, blowing the s*** out of everything in sight. Oh that’s right, some of us actually enjoy QUALITY. If you like good games, play GTA IV, if you simply want more crap to do, play Saint’s Row or go outside and shoot squirrels with your BB gun.

  • pink

    I think these people are forgetting TESO

    The Elder Scrolls has never not total dominated the market with their game releases GTA is small cookies compares to TES, and TESO may be the biggest elder scrolls game to date.

    • 420YoloSwag

      wtf does TES have to do with GTA.

      • Nick Hunt

        420 I believe pink is confusing profit for production cost. GTA4 was the most expensive game to make(mostly do to microsoft). Tho the TES series always makes allot of money the games don’t require that much money to be made. Also San andreas was shit tons better than 4, anyone who says otherwise is a liar or an idiot. You could do way more in it. 4 was very limited(again mostly because of microsoft). With any luck the 5 will be just on next gens so they won’t have to sacrifice gameplay for graphics unless the next xbox still uses obsolete dvds then we are all damned to play half made games or switch to sony exclusives.

  • dannys

    If GTA 4 ran like crap, you were probably playing it on a crappy console and not the PC version. PC gaming will come back and crush consoles

    • tomwolfpack75

      indeed, still the ps3 is actualy capable of hd graphics and still can run the games smooth.. but they mostly dont do that since it costs more, and the only way to do it today is bigger bluray discs, or bigger download limits from psn and that would cost more.. on any ps3 you can mod skyrim to do HD graphics official bethesda release.. but its kind of a big no,no please dont do that.. (still load times are longer, and most any pc has already far passed ps3 by in hardware) point is ps3 can still impress if devs are given half a chance!

  • Adrianzzz

    It’s not like they will not sell at least 4 million copies, which is 2x the cost of production. So, what’s the big deal?

  • Emil Engh

    We’ll see..

    So far it’s only announced on on the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. I really hope they optimized it better for the Playstation 3 version this time; as then I know which copy I’ll be getting. Xbox 360 gotta come on more discs, with a mandatory installation.

    But Rockstar really showed off their optimization of the RAGE engine towards the Playstation 3 with their last titles; L.A Noire (2011) and Max Payne (2012).

    As GTA IV (2008) and Red Dead Redemption (2010) sort of identical considering game mechanics, and animations and so on.

    Bottom line: I assume I’ll just pick up the game for both platforms when it launches; then give away the less superior version to someone who wants it for free.

  • likalaruku

    SWtOR cost $200 million.

    According to VIDEO GAME SALES WIKI, if you adjust for inflation, Final Fantasy VII cost $207 million.

    • TheCoreyScape

      nobody cares about final fantasy.

      • horl

        Over 45$ million dollars in revenue, I’d say actually ALOT of people care about final fantasy.

        • cachs

          and is the 4th largest game franchise in the world.

  • Lukas

    hope gta v better than gta 4

    • Heavich

      San Andreas was better than IV and you expect V better than IV? GTA V will put IV to shame,

  • Smurfman256

    I think that 40% of that price is going into the soundtrack. We all know that Rockstar likes to go all-out on it’s licensed music for GTA.

  • cork

    i did not like gta 4 it had a good story and what not but after you beat the story there is nothing to do in gta 5 i hope you can pimp yo ride add nos and shit but i LOVED split screen that was AWSOME plus you had MOTHER FUCKIN PLANES PLANNNNNEEEEESSSS THE BEST THING EVAR

    • Heavich

      San Andreas had planes as well and it was a way better game than IV.

  • cork

    but saints row is not realisim that is just wtf is happening am i on shrooms? but i like both i played sr3 more than gta 4 had better every thing had TANKS MOTHER FUCKIN TANKS and there was a lot of out of story mode things to do spray shit on buildings and cars,streak,insurance fraud,car surfing,and just plain PLANES AND PIMP OUT YO CAR AND SLAP PEOPLE WITH A GAINT PURPLE DILDO AND AWSOMLEY BRING DOWN A GIANT BEAST WITH A GRENADE sr4’s gonna be better EVEN BETTER HOW DO YA TOP THAT? well you have a ballon gun that inflates people till they POP again pimp out your car use your super powers to fight aliens or just fly around dub-step gun makes people dance till they drop but gta 5 is gonna be awsome you PLAN YOUR OWN GODDAMN ROBBERIES AND 3 PEOPLE YOU CONTROLL :D YOU EVEN CAN BUY WEED HOW ABOUT SUM RACIN oh nah not races with car BUT WITH MOTHER FUCKING PLANES HYDRAS FROM GTA:SA FLY AROUND IN A FUCKING JET JEEEEEET FUCKING RUN IN EVERY SINGLE BUILDING YOU SEE AND FUCK UP A DOG GO SCUBA DIVIN SNIPE A BEARS HEAD OFF HAVE A GUN FIGHT ROB A BANK DRIVE A PLANE IN TO A OLD LADY that is awsome sr4 and gta5 are gonna be at a stand still

    • horl

      dont do drugs

  • Ostnizdasht206 .

    GTA5 = Game of the Year

    Hands down

  • HAHA

    GTA V is for sheep, more spent on marketing than development … yeah, you people are influenced little children wanting the toy in the ceral box huh

  • true

    Yeah, Im not Black or Ghetto , soo GTA V doesnt really appeal to me