Is an OLED TV Good For Gaming? Probably Not

Does anyone remember those Plasma TVs? They were widely regarded as having the best image quality due to deep blacks and a low input lag. However, they had their own problems of image retention and burn ins. Plasmas aren’t being made anymore but people still miss it.

There’s a new king on the market though and they are the OLEDs. Expensive TVs but having an impeccable picture quality, however they also have burn in problems which is a shocker considering it’s 2019 and you expect TV tech to improve.

Lately a lot of people are complaining about burn in issues and we recommend not to buy an OLED TV and wait for future tech to improve. Sure, OLED is an incredible tech with amazing picture quality but it’s not worth paying so much money and worrying about burn ins.

LED TVs are still king now for gaming and we hope the future micro LED tech will revolutionise gaming by offering an incredible picture quality without any drawbacks.

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