Interact 2013 Receives A Great Response, Images and Details Arrive

interact 2013

We earlier reported that E-Xpress Interactive’s annual trade meet called Interact 2013 was going to be a nexus between retailers and the distributor’s channel partners. The event has received a great response from them.

Many retailers like Landmark, Planet M, Reliance Digital, Crossword, Flipkart, and Games The Shop attended the event, along with the distribution partners, wholesalers  and Independent Retailers from major cites all over India.

Founder and CEO E-Xpress Interactive Software believes that the Indian market can grow to $500 million annually due to the presence of 3000 retail access points along with the “support of International publishers in terms of supply chain, marketing initiatives and affordable and correct pricing for the market.”

The present eco system is ready to take it ahead, as we now have a channel of active retailers and business partners who have invested and can bring more investments in this business as it grows, media is covering more and more news and articles on gaming , more than 10 million household that can afford the gaming console and it can be marketed as an integral part of their entertainment needs.

There were a lot of game demos shown, most of them were fantastic games from major publishers in the gaming industry. GTA 5 will be the main game to drive revenue but games like  Assassins Creed: Black Flag, Batman: Arkham Origins and WWE’14 are expected to perform well too.

Check out some images from the event below.