Infinity Blade 2 Available For Free on iOS

Epic Games’ Infinity Blade 2, which is one of the most impressive technical showcases on the iOS, is now free. This has to be for a limited time because the game is a bit more expensive than your average iOS game and that’s for a reason.

infinity blade 2 iOS free

It has terrific production values and a lot of replayability. If you own a Retina device, you can check out this game which is a great showcase for the hardware. The game runs well on iPhone 4 and up so it’s recommended to own those devices or better ones.

The size is 1.10 GB so make sure you have enough space on your device. The game was developed by Chair Entertainment and released last year. This offer is not available on Android platforms. Just load up your App Store and search for Infinity Blade 2 to download the game.

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