Incredible Unreal Engine 4 Helmet Tech Demo Screenshots

We have some new images of Unreal Engine 3 “Helmet Tech demo” screenshots.

It shows how detailed the entire thing is. You can, upon closer inspection, see a lot of details that simply couldn’t have been possible with other engines out there. The engine was revealed last year by Epic Games and is purely for next-generation purposes.

The visuals look amazing here but something like this may or may not be possible real time in games, but will it be shown during today’s console reveal presentation by Sony? We will have to wait and see. CryEngine 3 by Crytek is also capable of so much detail, so it will be interesting to see how these engines go head-to-head next-gen.

Check out both the images below, they’re spectacular. You can enlarge these images by opening them in a new tab.

unreal engine 4 1

unreal engine 4