Important Pokemon information scheduled for Jan 8, 3DS version to be announced?

The official Pokemon site has been updated and a message urges people to bookmark the site as a new announcement is expected on January 8.

We do not know what it could be, but this could be very well the 3DS instalment that a lot of people were wondering about. If announced, the 3DS will get a killer app, that will boost its sales in the Japanese market and the rest of the world by enormous proportions.

The poor translation is given below, and it’s pretty self-explanatory.

From “Pokemon” on this page, I will tell you up-to-date information to everyone! On Tuesday, January 08, 2013. Do not miss it! Come and bookmark it, check this page do not forget!

What could it be? Considering it’s mentioned as an important announce it could be a mainline Pokemon game.

The North American Twitter account has also tweeted the same news, which means it is certain that this will be a mainline 3DS game. Another reason for the 3DS version speculation is due to the fact that Nintendo really needs some big games this year.