No Man’s Sky Guide: Saving and Reloading The Game Properly

no man's sky

No Man’s Sky is here and is one of the most monumental achievements from an indie team of 12 people. If you’ve been playing the game you must have noticed that there’s no option for saving the game.

There’s a reason for this. No Man’s Sky employs a weird saving system where the game is only saved when you exit your starship or discover areas in a planet. Now if you just want to save the game rapidly just enter your ship and exit it and voila! That’s it, your game is now saved. You can close the game directly without any consequences.

It is recommended to save the game when you discover something cool or have a lot of items that you can sell for credits. It really isn’t fun to explore and gather items again. So make sure you save the game every 10 minutes.

To reload the game just press the options button on your DualShock 4 and go to the last tab and reload the game from there. You will have two saves to choose from.

Here’s how to increase your exosuit inventory slots. Stay tuned for more guides.