No Man’s Sky Guide: Increasing Exosuit Slots Fast

no man's sky

In No Man’s Sky, you will be rewarded if you are a hoarder. There are plenty of materials, blueprints and other stuff that you can find while exploring and you will eventually realise that you cannot carry a lot of items because of limited inventory space.

There are two types of inventory space available: Exosuit and Starship. To increase Starship inventory space you will have to find new ones or buy them from a spacestation and they are quite expensive too.

To increase exosuit inventory slots the fastest way is to find drop pods scattered across on a planet. To do that, go to areas where you can see beams in the sky shooting out from the ground. Once you reach the are you need to create a bypass chip which will allow you to scan areas for ‘shelters’. Now go there and you may find drop pods.

Extra slots are valuable because you can carry more and not feel restricted. Basically explore each planet well and you will end up with better gear.

If you have a better method let us know in the comments section below.