How to Get Refund for No Man’s Sky on PC and PSN

no man's sky

No Man’s Sky is out and many people are having problems ranging from the game being not up to their expectations because of some lying from Sean Murray, the creator of the game.

Steam offers refunds if you have played less than 2 hours and if you have played No Man’s Sky for more than 2 hours you can still get a refund. Many people are reporting that it is in fact possible to get a refund. You just have to keep trying if it fails.

For PSN you need to go use the livechat and request the representative to give you a refund. You can cite constant crashing on PS4 as a reason to get the refund. Livechat is not available for EU and PAL regions, only NA. I have encountered plenty of crashes on PS4 while loading the game.

No Man’s Sky has a lot of problems but it is a good game as our review suggests if you love just going through space and exploring. It was a mistake to charge $60 for the game which is essentially a tech demo.

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  • Ingsoc

    A tech demo is not a game.

  • AwesomeDudes

    Disappointing wasn’t it?