Destiny 2: Legend of Acrius Raid Exotic Shotgun Guide

Every Destiny raid has had an exotic weapon exclusive to it. The Vault of Glass had the Vex Mythoclast which was insanely powerful when it was obtained by guardians. The Crota’s End raid had the Necrochasm which was a rapid firing auto rifle. The King’s Fall raid had the Touch of Malice which was a great auto rifle too. And lastly, the Wrath of the Machine raid had the Outbreak Prime pulse rifle which required a lot of coordination between guardians to get.

The newest raid in the sequel called the Leviathan raid has an exotic weapon too and it’s pretty awesome and difficult to upgrade. It’s easier to get but that’s just the beginning of the road to make the weapon fully operational.

It’s an exotic shotgun called the Legend of Acrius and does a ton of damage on enemies. It instantly vaporizes them. It does have its drawbacks, however, like slow reload and one bullet before reload. That’s just the stock weapon and you can also upgrade it.

We have the method of how to obtain and upgrade the weapon along with a video guide from Datto showing you in detail.

  1. Killing Cabal randomly on Nessus will get you an objective. You have to gather 5 comms.
  2. Then you have to complete the Leviathan raid.
  3. Do the Arms dealer strike at 300 light level which gets you the stock Legend of Acrius weapon.

And to upgrade it, you have to kill Cabal with it and then do the raid 2 more times or around 13 times if it is glitched. Congrats now you have the upgraded weapon.

There’s still more upgrades to the gun though and the next step is to do the Prestige version of the raid which. The Prestige version of the raid hasn’t been unlocked yet by Bungie so you will have to wait.

You can check out the video below. Here’s all the 9 Leviathan chest locations.