No Man’s Sky Guide: Earn Millions Quickly Using this Duplication Glitch

no man's sky

No Man’s Sky is just out and it is a vast game that will take you numerous hours to grind for resources and stuff and get to the center of the galaxy.

Of course you do that normally but eventually it can get tiresome farming the same things over and over again, but fret not because a duplication glitch has been found which makes it really easy to earn money in the game.

More money means better ships and you can simply buy stuff instead of farming. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

The method is pretty simple too. Before you try this, backup your save to the cloud.

The best way to earn millions quickly is to either duplicate Vortex Stones and Gravitino balls or just gold and emeril, you will be rich in no time.

Of course, if you have around 5 million credits it is advisable to buy a new ship in the space station itself by going to the cockpit and talking to the alien. More slots in the ships means the faster you earn money.

a) Whatever item you want to duplicate you have to put it in your ship’s inventory because when your ship is destroyed you can go to your grave and collect it.

b) Go inside a space station and create two saves by exiting your ship twice.

c) Just leave the space station and shoot it a couple of times, you will die as other ships will attack you.

d) As you spawn back, just reload the second save and go to your grave and voila! You now have two items instead of one. If you have Atlas stones you can do this glitch and make millions in no time.

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