Destiny 2 Heroic Public Events Guide

Public events are something that most Destiny players are familiar with. While exploring there will be certain events that can be done for rewards.

In Destiny 2, not only do you know when the public events begin but you can also earn some good loot like legendary and exotic engrams.

However, to increase your chances of earning good loot,  you can upgrade the public event to a heroic version of the event upon meeting certain conditions.

There are many different public events in Destiny 2 and on all the planets. To unlock heroic is not easy as it usually involves a bunch of people knowing what to do to activate it.

Here’s a list of public events in the game and how to activate the heroic version.

a) Ether Resupply: Destroy the smaller servitors quickly. The last three servitors can despawn so make sure to take them out fast.

b) Devil Walker: You have to unlock all three cannons and a second devil walker will spawn.

c) Glimmer Extraction: Destroy the small device on the ground during glimmer extraction. You have to destroy 3 of them to activate heroic version.

d) Disrupt Vex Construction: Activate all three rings to 100% to do the heroic version of the event.

e) Injection Rig: When the bubble is burning you have to destroy three ports on the rig. It will be helpful if multiple people are doing this.

f) Cabal extraction: Destroy the ship which will spawn during the event to activate the heroic version.

g) Witch Ritual: Destroy the two shielded stones on the sides of the portal. To remove the shields stand on the plates.

h) Taken Blight: You have to do enough damage to the central blight. When you go in the smaller bubbles you can get a buff that will allow you to damage the bigger one.

Here’s how to power level to 260. Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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