Horizon PS4 includes Robotic Dinos, Guerrilla’s new IP

horizon guerrilla games

Guerrilla Games are working on a new IP for the PS4. They have released Killzone: Shadow Fall earlier which was a technical masterpiece but didn’t really do that well for the system.

However, their new IP called Horizon looks really interesting. There have been a few leaks on a Chinese forum where an image of cool looking robotic dino can be seen. It’s unclear what the game is right now, but according to a job ad the game is supposed to feature animals and creatures with “Real-Time Animalistic Movement”.

The game may be revealed at next E3 where Sony’s European studios usually reveal their games, or at Gamescom which is an European trade event. Either way we may have to wait a long time before this game gets an official reveal.

(Thanks, bbs.a9vg.com).

Update: Another image –

horizon dinos

  • Swinny UK

    Hang on, when the PS4 was at 4 million sold, I firmly remember Sony releasing a statement saying that Shadow Fall had sold to 2 million of those 4 million.
    That’s a HUGE success.