HMV Twitter account spills the beans, here are the deleted tweets

Someone got hold of the HMV Twitter account and started posting things about how mismanaged the company was.

HMV is one of UK’s largest game retailer and is in trouble. Almost 60 people were fired from the company, and it looks like one of them had access to the Twitter account.

The tweets were being deleted but we have captured them all, so check them out below.

1) We’re tweeting live from HR where we’re all being fired! Exciting!!

2) There are over 60 of us being fired at once! Mass execution, of loyal employees who love the brand.

3) Sorry we’ve been quiet for so long. Under contract, we’ve been unable to say a word, or -more importantly – tell the truth

4) Under usual circumstances, we’d never dare do such a thing as this. However, when the company you dearly love is being ruined…

5)  …and those hard working individuals, who wanted to make hmv great again, have mostly been fired, there seemed no other choice.

6) Just overheard our Marketing Director (he’s staying, folks) ask “How do I shut down Twitter?”

7) Especially since these accounts were set up by an intern (unpaid, technically illegal) two years ago.

8) So really, what have we to lose? It’s been a pleasure folks! Best wishes to you all!

hmv deleted tweets

Absolutely horrible management by HMV. What do you think about this?