Heroes of Newerth Password security breach reported

Heroes of Newerth website has been hacked, so it is recommended you change any shared passwords you may have.

The post on the official forum mentions not to change the account password specifically, as it looks like they still haven’t rectified the issue. Here’s the message in full.

“At 2:30 PM EST we became aware that a Heroes of Newerth password security breach had occurred,” the post read.

“We encourage everyone to change any passwords that were shared with your Heroes of Newerth account. Do not change your Heroes of Newerth account password at this time.

“Disregard any out-of-game sources of information at this time.”

Hacks like these are very common and has happened to quite a lot of websites, so it is advisable to follow what HoN team says rather than of relying on third-party sources. You can directly reach the community manager on Twitter for fast answers.

Were you affected? Let us know below.