Here’s What Microsoft Wants You To Officially Call Xbox One

Microsoft has released some guidelines to advertisers and retailers on how to use the Xbox One brand.

People on the Internet will obviously call it whatever they want, with ‘Xbone’ being the latest name that is floating around. I’m sure you probably know what that word means, right? Considering all the negative publicity the system is getting, the name sounds fitting in a way.

However, according to the guidelines, here are what you can and cannot do. Of course, this does not apply to majority of people out there.

xbox one guidelines

So what’s your preferred name for the console? X1 sounds really cool, as far as I’m concerned, because it’s not only easy to pronounce but comes in handy when writing fast. The console was unveiled at a recent event and you can read our complete coverage here.

  • Avi Patel

    i call it x1. sounds cool and short.

  • PixelSword

    You forgot Xbox Won!

  • Mr wiggly


  • Dangerzone

    I’ll just call it what it is… Trash

    • Sony is trash

      The PS4 is even more trash as more and more details are coming out about the Xbox One’s custom design.

  • Allan

    I completely agree with Dangerzone… PS4 may just have my vote on this win. I really give a shit if I can watch porn and play forza 5 at the same time!! .. Like seriously? What ever happened to video games? I wanna play video games, that’s why I buy the crap in the first place. I mean what else is the point?! So I can Skype and wipe my ass at the same time? Really?!

  • Got-Dibz

    I just call it XBO or 5B(big, boring, bulky, black, box)

  • Yaan

    Allan – please remind me never to skype with you

  • plsburydoughboy

    Nothing about the first Xbox though

  • Ana Helušić

    trashbox fails

    • Sony is trash

      More like dumb N4Gtard masquerading as a woman and spamming $0ny propaganda on multiple sites EPIC FAIL!

      • Ana Helušić

        EPIC dumb lamebox loser hahahaha also a gay hahha