Here’s some stunning launch team white Xbox One pictures

If you worked on the Xbox team and shipped Xbox One, then you will be getting a special console, which comes in spectacular looking white colour and will also have a nice little engraving to show that you contributed.

Here’s some pictures of the console. It looks gorgeous.

launch white xbox one 1

launch white xbox one 2

launch white xbox one 3

launch white xbox one 4

  • BobGyro


  • BobGyro

    Does it actually work properly?

  • BobGyro

    there is one on ebay

  • Sleepnot

    sweet! but hopefully it wont turn yellowish after more than 6-8 years of use..

  • Ryudo9

    Yeah like we would never get black Xbox 360. In a couple years they will mass produce these things. Won’t matter still be ugly.

  • lafrikone


  • Transparent

    Word association with this picture…Ready? Go!…..Microwave!

  • Al

    Maybe you haven’t noticed but just about EVERYONE who “made” or “shipped” this console has put theirs up on Ebay lol….

  • Slayer

    It looks just like the black ugly VCR looking black Xbox that I never wanted!

  • EnigmaticOrb

    I made this…and I’m sorry.