Here’s Kaz Hirai’s Response To What He Feels About Memes On The Net About Him

PlayStation fans are known for being overly excited about what Sony does. Kaz Hirai has always been their object of affection and sometimes ridicule. There are countless memes of Kaz Hirai on the Internet made by gamers and Kaz has explained what he feels about that in an interview with SGNL.

“I think that especially with the PlayStation business I used to get that a lot as well, even when I was running the PlayStation business in the US whether it is YouTube or websites, and obviously, you know, the gaming world has a tendency of really enjoying that.

“I’ve come to also look at it from the perspective of ‘you know, that’s really creative so I enjoy some of the stuff that folks have done. I like to think that the visibility that I get is not a visibility of me personally, but in fact a representation of the visibility Sony gets worldwide, so I’m more positive about it.”

Great reply indeed. It looks like he doesn’t mind all these memes since in the end it shows that people actually care.

The full interview can be found below.