Here’s How Dark Souls 3 Compares Between PS4 and PC

dark souls 3 featured

Dark Souls 3 will be officially released in a few days and the people who’ve played it, including us, have given it a glowing score. The game has had a great reception from fans who think it is undoubtedly the best Souls game. It is currently sitting at 90 Metacritic which is an amazing achievement considering it’s the third Souls game and many sequels don’t always score higher, but there are exceptions.

This has shown that the series has maintained a consistent quality over the years. Dark Souls PC port was known for being a technical mess and From Software really didn’t pay much attention to it. Dark Souls 2 was a lot better and it seems Dark Souls 3 might be the best PC port yet.

Digital Foundry have compared the PS4 and PC version and here’s how it looks and plays on both the platforms. PC gamers have nothing to worry about and the game will most likely run amazingly well on the platform.

Check out the video below.