Here’s all the Game Modes in Street Fighter V

street fighter 5 ps4 pc

Street Fighter V is shaping up to be an amazing game and Capcom has released a new trailer showing some of the game modes which you can play in the full retail version. There are tutorial, story, survival, training, ranked match, casual match, Capcom Fighter’s Network or CFN, Rival Search, Fighters’ Profiles, and view replays.

There’s a comprehensive amount of content in Street Fighter V for any fighting game fan and it remains to be seen if the most important aspect which is the netcode is up to scratch. The fighting community relies heavily on it and it looks like Capcom won’t disappoint on that front.

Based on the trailer you have to finish the story mode with each character to unlock their story costume with fight money, which presumably you can earn by winning.

The game comes out on February 16th for the PS4 and PC. There’s no mention on Xbox One and it probably won’t come out on that platform since it’s a console exclusive.

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