Here’s 20 Cancelled Star Wars games, EP7: Shadows of the Sith Included

We have an image of 20 cancelled Star Wars games from the book called Rogue Squadron, which you can purchase on Amazon.

A screengrab from the book reveals, what is, the name of the seventh episode called Shadows of the Sith. Was this the name of the movie as well? It’s hard to say but looks like it.

This was unearthed by a Reddit member called Crimson-gaia, and this is most certainly a wonderful share.

These games would never have been real because Disney closed Lucas Arts recently.

Check out the image below.

20 cancelled star wars games

  • Magilla187

    damn i would have loved to see how some of these games panned out they all sound amazing

  • Wandererreki

    Thanks for giving the correct credit, my brother took this picture and you are the only website which seems to have correctly identified him as the one who posted this online.