Here are games getting significant boost with PS4 Pro’s new firmware

Sony PS4 Pro’s new firmware adds a boost mode to the console that lets you play old PS4 games with enhanced frame rates. This is a great update and has made the PlayStation community really hyped. A lot of PS4 games have not received the Pro patch so this firmware should make those games run better. However, it will not look better unless the developers release a patch for the game.

Still it is a huge improvement and the firmware should be available for download sometime this month. Beta users have been testing out this feature for a few days now.

We have some comparison videos that show the frame rate benefit the firmware offers, so you know this is a good feature from Sony. There are more games being tested and Digital Foundry may release videos as well. FFXV has received a frame rate patch by Square Enix but maybe it was pointless due to the firmware.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.

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