Has The Xbox One GPU been downclocked by 50mhz to 750mhz?

Earlier we reported that Microsoft has been telling developers that they can expect a peak theoretical memory bandwidth of 192GB/s, which is an 88% increase over 102GB/s figure that was thrown around during E3.

xbox one high res screenshot 5

So good news, right? Not really. There was a rumour earlier that the Xbox One GPU had been downclocked to improve eSRAM yield which Microsoft denied quickly, but when you do some math, things become a little bit clearer which makes the rumour pretty plausible.

How does it work? It’s pretty simple.

The 192GB/s bandwidth is actually both read and write, so when you take into account just one, it becomes 96GB/s. This is actually lower than the previous figure being thrown around of 102GB/s which actually gives a theoretical bandwidth of 204GB/s when you combine both the read and write operation.

204GB/s > 192GB/s

What clock speed will give us 96GB/s? The math is below.

750 mhz * 128 bits = 96 GB/s

96 GB/s * 2 (read/write) = 192 GB/s

102GB/s (previous figure) > 96GB/s (new figure).

So the GPU clock speed has actually been decreased by 50mhz because earlier they had mentioned that it was running at 800mhz (102GB/s = 800 mhz*128 bits). If this is too technical, just keep in mind that this downclock, if true, is not a big deal for Microsoft.

However, it does mean that Microsoft may have faced some problems like the rumours earlier suggested and could lead to a lower teraflops count (1.152 from 1.2) and only 90% of that is available for games so it can go even lower. Keep in mind that almost every rumour about Microsoft turned out to be true, so they are quite a leaky ship.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know below.

  • GeForceFX

    What are my thoughts? They are fucked. After watching the PS4 Mark Cerny’s talks I am getting the feeling that Microsoft doesn’t even realize what and for who they are making.

  • b

    Dude, the reason it isn’t 204Gb/s is because they’re using holes in the communication instead of outright being able to read and write truly simultaneously.

    • ppSucks

      If they had holes that big; you have to question how inefficient their initial process would have been.

      It’s probably better if you don’t comment; as regurgitating Microsoft lies; when you obviously have not tech knowledge; is a bad mix.