Halo officially off the MLG circuit for the first time in 10 years since MLG’s inception

What happens when you dilute a formula so much that its potency is reduced? No one uses that formula of course.

Halo, once considered to be a pinnacle of competitive console shooters, has been officially removed from the MLG Circuit. It’s no wonder that Halo 4’s online presence has been dwindling, and it’s mostly due to all the new changes in place that has made the gameplay a bit more like a certain other popular series out there.

Halo: Reach was  a part of the last season but only at 1/4 events. It’s clear that this is not something that has happened suddenly.

Major League Gaming founder Sundance Giovanni bid farewell to the series and said: “MLG signed it’s side of the console shooter deal for 2013. The game in the deal was not Halo. Once deal is countersigned we will announce. I have loved almost every minute of our time with Halo and wish the competitive Halo community the best.

“Thank you to all the people who contributed to the many amazing “I was there” MLG Halo moments. I mean it from the bottom of my heart,” he added.

Unless 343 drastically change the formula again with Halo 5, this probably won’t change.