Halo 5 confirmed as the official name of Halo for Xbox One

halo 5 official name

Microsoft revealed Halo for Xbox One in a spectacular trailer at E3 2013 but they didn’t reveal the name of the game but just said it will be out on the console sometime in 2014. However, a new trailer released by production company Axis Animation reveals that Halo 5 is the official name of the game.

This shouldn’t be a surprise as it’s a new Halo game on a new console but a main line game usually tends to have high production values. The game will be developed by 343 Industries, who took over after Bungie and made Halo 4.

The game features a 60 fps frame rate which is a first for any Halo game. There will be plenty of Halo games after Halo 4 and it’s no longer a trilogy as it was originally announced.

The new trailer can be found below:

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    I think Microsoft was trying to copy Hideo Kojima’s strategy that he used with MGS V: The Phantom Pain but apparently MOST, not all, Halo fans weren’t getting the idea (though I admit that I was a little confused when no number was shown initially) so now instead of it panning out perfectly for them test how many Halo fans really want it or would get Xbox One just for Halo, their plan has backfired and now they have come out with the official title because their plan has masterfully failed in that they were trying to assess the loyalty of their fan base and realized that apparently not many are up for another Halo spin off after a five year hiatus so now they’ve confirmed it. But at least Microsoft was doing something different for a change. Anyway, can’t wait for this game. Who’s with me?