Halo 4 is the most expensive Microsoft game, “Nothing’s even close”

Microsoft Game Studios head Phil Phencer has just revealed that Halo 4 is the most expensive game Microsoft has ever made.

“Nothing’s even close”, he told Polygon. I think this is one reason why the game is launching in November instead of the usual September slot.

He also said that the franchise’s worth is almost $3 billion and it is the “most important entertainment product in the company.” When the team first started working on Halo 4, one of the most important things to do was to make it like a Halo game.

“One of the first steps was making the game feel like Halo,” said 343 executive producer Kiki Wolfkill.

Josh Holmes added: ”We did a bunch of iteration and test on different ideas really early on, experimenting with new mechanics — many of which didn’t make the cut because of that process.”

Holmes also mentioned that the team values consistency and polish over unnecessary untested features.

“I think for Halo in particular, because there’s a competitive aspect to it in multiplayer, it’s really important to us to keep that consistency,” he said.

“So players can learn a skill, pick it up, and know that they can apply that skill without the game sort of overriding their expectation. And so philosophically, that is something that we really held very dear.”

The game comes out on November 6 exclusively for the Xbox 360. And yeah, stay away from spoilers, guys!

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