Halo 4 inspired real-life weapons are highly realistic

Artist Thomas Schmidt has created some amazing looking highly realistic weapons in his garage.

He has given them a paint job that is worthy of mass production by companies. The guns are photographed in such a way that it is very hard not to drool over it because as a Halo nerd these weapons are something I really wanna play with.

OK, not really, but these weapons may be for sale and you could you contact him on his Deviant Art page and ask him to make you a gun.

There are plenty of weapons here, from the shotgun to the plasma rifle and if you love and play Halo, you probably may recognize all of them. At this rate he could have an arsenal of weapons in his garage, and the potential to sell them and make a lot of money is immense. This dude is pretty talented.

They could also be useful for cosplays and stuff. Check them out below.

halo 4 inspired guns 3

halo 4 inspired guns 4

halo 4 inspired guns 5

halo 4 inspired guns 7

halo 4 inspired guns 8

halo 4 inspired guns 9

halo 4 inspired guns

halo 4 inspired guns 6